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Open Solace Haiti

Tradui: Kreyol to English Mobile App

Use this tool now:
Tradui is a Creole to English, English to Creole translation for the iPhone and Android. Tradui, Creole for “translate”, is an application for translating from Creole to English and English to Creole. The data for this application was extracted with permission from the HaitiSurf Creole to English Dictionary. All of the translation capabilities of Tradui are available offline.

We Need, We Have Exchange

We Have We Need is a place where relief organizations can quickly post their most urgent needs and have them matched by generous donors during a time of crisis. This site was built by a group of geeky do-gooders who saw this as an opportunity to use technology to help bring people and donations together in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Aggregating Haiti Situation Reports

There is a need to find and aggregate the ever growing list of Situation Reports (SitReps) on Haiti.  This project will be a combination of manual seek and find, and then pulling together.  Often SitReps are passed around via mailing lists.  Ideas for aggregation include building a Blog-based interface either in Drupal or WordPress and doing posts on each, that could engender discussion and linking.

New Project: Disaster Accountability Project

This new project for the Disaster Accountability Project aims to develop a transcription & ticketing system for calls that arrive via Hotline in the |form of WAV files and/or Google Voice. A ticketing system would allow volunteers to efficiently triage |calls w/info about gaps in critical relief services.

New Project: Disaster Accountability Public Database

This new project for the Disaster Accountability Project seeks assistance to build an easy-to-search, public reporting database to monitor activities of relief organizations soliciting donations for relief efforts and inform the public on the effectiveness of aid efforts on the ground.

New Project: RSS Feed Challenge

The United Nations Development Programme has expressed interest in an aggregation of all available RSS feeds concerning Haiti for greater situational awareness. This project aims to collect as many RSS feeds as possible and process them in an intuitive and useful fashion.

New Project: Situational Awareness and Damage Assessment Information System

The aim is to develop a simple user interface for the Government of Haiti (GoH) to have a rapid and comprehensive understanding of the damages and losses caused by the earthquake.

There is a need to gather all the information that is available from a range of sources and organise it into one database. We have sophisticated aerial imagery that can assess damage levels on the ground. We also have people on the ground capable of mapping infrastructure by sector. This data needs to be synthesized to provide a rapid visual assessment of the situation on the ground.

New Project: Technology Volunteer Database

This new project is focused on building a collaboration tool to provide non-profit organizations the ability to search for available technology volunteers. This system should also be able to create Tech Action Teams which would be able to solve technical challenges during crisis.

CrisisCommons Legal and Intellectual Property Considerations

This ongoing project will be to identify and address legal issues with CrisisCommons and CrisisCamp Haiti (i.e. preventing IP infringement and ensuring proper use of commons work product).

Haitian Voices

The Haitian community has requested that CrisisCommons create a capacity for survivors to tell their story of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. They would like to post information for survivor stories, saying thank you to the world. A construct where there would be a “wall” feature where people can go and post survivor stories.

Language & Translation

Mainstream online translation tools don’t support the Creole language. This project is dedicated to using technology to assist in translating priority content resources between Creole and English (and other languages) in support of relief assistance and CrisisCamp projects.

New Project: Haitian Skilled Workforce Retention

Tool to keep skilled Haitians in Haiti (or attract them to return for the reconstruction): A vast majority of the skilled workforce resided in PaP. The community fears that they will now leave. There are many institutions that have now collapsed the skilled workforce will now decide to leave. There is an effort underway, skill sets that are available to identify people who are willing to go back for the rebuilding effort. There would be fields that are specific to the Haitian community. They would like to see an application to promote the ability to engage skilled workforce.

Haiti Basemap

The damage of the earthquake has left roads and villages inaccessible, and people displaced from their homes. Volunteers around the world are using historic maps, satellite imagery, and local knowledge to create an open basemap for Port-au-Prince and other affected areas of Haiti.

Mapping NGOs in Action

NGOs are the “boots on the ground” in Haiti. Hundreds of NGOs have ongoing operations in Haiti. But who’s who and where are they? This project is gathering information to create an overview database of relief assistance that is deployed to Haiti. The project will create a directory of organizations, people on the ground, where they are, what they are doing, and what they need. The team will create a Drupal database relating people to programs.

Mobile Applications 4 Crisis Response

The projects that we develop at CrisisCamp Haiti are only useful if they’re accessible! The Mobile Applications team is working with other CrisisCamp project teams to make mobile applications for programs and projects. These applications will be useable on mobile phones and will assist users in locating news, resources, language translation, and visual communications tools.

Person Finder

Test messages (SMS) have been sent from within Haiti to emergency response teams. All of these messages have been acted on already!

But some of them also contained information about Missing People. These aren’t yet linked to the main record of missing people called ‘People Finder’, and we need help moving them across. We know that many of them are now found! We need to consolidate the records so that people can know what has happened to their friends and family as soon as possible.

Crisis Wiki

CrisisWiki is a editable directory of resources related to disaster response and emergency preparedness. Initially focusing on Haiti-related information, the wiki is being designed so that it can easily expand to address future disasters, as well as collect important local, state, national and international emergency preparedness resources before a disaster strikes.

The Haiti Timeline

There is a great need to fully understand the progression of events, news, data, photos and video from the time of the earthquake through the recovery process. This project is an organic approach at looking at the series of events, types of data available, when actions occurred, status of the events, and who is doing what; this project is constantly changing and adding new information in real time.

Tweak the Tweet

Use Twitter messages to ask for help or offer assistance. @epiccolorado is a standard format for help messages that makes it easy for people help.

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