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Charte-Crisis Commons-Charter-


Empowering global citizens to save lives through technology.

What We Do -Empower Community – Encouraging CrisisCamps -Partnership

Broker – Proactively engages crisis actors to facilitate technology challenges during crisis;

Citizen advocate -Share Technology Tools – Building the “Sourceforge” of Crisis

Response OSS -Innovate Crisis Tools of Tomorrow – Hackathon -Create Cross

Response Collaboration – International Aid & Domestic Response (Closing the gap) -Respond to Crisis –

Development of a the CrisisCommons Action Team (Both virtual/physical)

Cultivating World Sensors – Empowering Independent Reporting & Aggregation

During Crisis -Build Global Citizen Action – Empowering digital literacy to save lives

Advocate for Access – Empowering global access to and freedom of expression

What We Believe In We believe in neutrality. We believe information must be free.

We believe that freedom of expression and access to information is a fundamental human right.

We believe in the power of open and shared tools. We believe in helping people of all nations.

We believe the collaboration knows no borders or barriers. We believe in the power of one and their ability, through technology, innovate, empower and inspire millions.

We believe in the personal responsibility to accurately share information and provide for those who may not have access, literacy or ability to reach information.

We believe sharing successes and tools are central to the Commons and that each one of us has a personal responsibility to inspire and empower others to innovate for social change in their communities.

We believe in the abilities of all people to contribute to the Commons.

We are You

We are technologists who have skills which can help provide citizens with the ability to connect with one another.

We are global citizens who believe in social change and are willing to communicate the truth of what they see and share with others.

We are organizations who believe in leveraging resources for the greater good.

We are governments who believe in the freedom of expression and human rights of their citizens. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We don’t wait for a crisis to happen.

We heed Benjamin Franklin’s advice, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We embrace challenges of all shapes and sizes.

We promote digital literacy of all people.

Democracy of the Commons

We believe in personal responsibility and the promise to do the right thing. We believe in the truth.

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