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Oil Spill Response #ccoil

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Project Summary

Crowdsourced response to Gulf Oil Spill. Simple mobile app that NGOs could utilize to be able to encourage communities to report information that they are seeing on the ground. Would be able to capture geotagged, time-stamped pictures and vidoes, along with a text field. Have that information go into common back-end that is open and accessible. This will allow On-the-Ground reporting to be shared out in a public space. The back-end system will aggregate data, provide visualization and data feeds.

The goal is to have something that would be helpful to the NGO community, and really, response workers down on the ground.

* Customer: Public, NGOs
* Project Lead: Noel Dickover, Andrew Turner, Heather Blanchard
* Location of Lead: Washington, DC
* Cities Interested: Washington, remote
* Assigned Project Manager(s) Across all Cities
* Interested participants (add yourselves): Yobie Benjamin yobie (AT) acm Org
* Twitter hashtag: #ccoil
* Googlegroup:
* Link to Web site: (proposed –
* Source code: Emicus donated source code sent out for review
* Previous Meeting Gulf Oil Spill

Oil Spill Response/Mobile App

Team Members (add yourselves)

* Chris (at)
* yobie ACM org

Immediate Requirements

* Ability to take or upload time-stamped geotagged pictures & video
* Text field describing the pictures/video
* Link to website where aggregated content resides
* Link to guidance on what to do
* Must be ported to all three platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
* Chris, pls review iPhone app –
* Usability testing


* Getting NGO support
* Publicity, messaging
* Proper curating of the information
* Ownership of the data
* Ensuring that the app itself can only be used for non-commercial purposes
* Authenticating who uploaded the information may be critical for validation purposes
* Quick port to iPhone App store


* Chris to review code for Emicus and VoteReport systems.
* Wireframe diagrams for NGOs to look at
* Sunday call to discuss

Long Term Ideas/Feature List

* Develop a “build” type app that allows NGOs to customize both the logo and data schema. This would also mean that the app would send to two locations (the CrisisCommons site and the NGO site).
* Suggest 3 versions – 1. General purpose mobile app (pic/vid; geo, tag, free form text, author, time/date stamp); Species version – name of species – bird, animal, fish, plant, etc…, pic/vid; geo, tag, free form text, author, time/date stamp); 2. 3. environment version – (NOAA, weather, temp, etc…, oil sheen, sludge, droplets, pic/vid; geo, tag, free form text, author, time/date stamp) NOTE: This means 9 versions total deployed in 3 platforms iPhone, Blackberry, Android

[edit] Oil Spill Response/Back-end

Team Members (add yourselves)

* Chris (at)
* Yobie Benjamin yobie ACM org / mobile 347-eight-seven-eight-3262
* Elmer from Emicus – elmer (AT) tidon org

Proposed Development path

* Prototype on Amazon using CrisisCommons’ space
* Move to University such as UC San Diego for operational use
* UCSD folks to begin asking for server and bandwidth space. WARNING: This could be a high bandwidth demand website and may need large storage because of uploads.
* Use Clear branded website such as “”
* Emicus to let CC use its URLs –, .net, .org, etc

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