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CrisisCamp Montreal is part of a global movement who is bringing together volunteers, academia, non-profits, companies and government officials to share best practices and lessons learned to advocate for further use of technology and telecommunications to assist citizens and communities during crisis.

Founded in March 2009 through an impromptu Tweetup at the Government 2.0 Camp, a small band of idealists and innovators gathered together to discuss the idea of a creating a common community through a mash-up of citizen volunteers, crisis response organizations, international humanitarian relief, non-profits and the private sector (especially the technology and telecommunications sectors). Within minutes, CrisisCamp DC was born to unite communities, seek common ground and innovation in the use of technology and mobility during crisis.

International Branch: or email


January 22, 2010 – For a second straight week, hundreds of CrisisCamp volunteers will gather in an expanded number of cities to collaborate on information technology projects in support of disaster relief for post-earthquake Haiti. Initially launched last week in six locations in response to the crisis, the volunteer technology effort has rapidly grown to 12 cities in four countries.

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  1. Mckenzie Augustin permalink
    February 2, 2010 1:16 pm

    I’am a CGI employee and i’m interested by the idea of helping my parents country.Please let me know about the procedure to follow.


  1. Developers Band Together to Create Apps for Haiti
  2. Developers Band Together to Create Apps for Haiti

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