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Crisis Camp Montréal

January 19, 2010

CrisisCamps are in-person meetings of a new grassroots movement called CrisisCommons (, with a mission to share best practices for crisis response.

Crsis Camps bring together a network of IT professionals as well as academia, non-profits, companies, entrepreneurs, community associations and government officials drawn together by a call to service. Domain experts, developers, and first responders collaborate with a focus on improving technology and practice for humanitarian crisis management and disaster relief.

They are open and collaborative events. It’s  a part of the Crisis Commons movement.

Join Us! Please visit the meeting page for details about our nest meeting.

You can also join the Facebook Group , the Event page is also set up.
Please use the invite button to invite people to the meeting. You can also follow Crisis Camp Montreal on Twitter .

There are plenty of opportunities to help, whether you are technical or not and whether you have a lot of time or just a few minutes to spare.

“We are witnessing the development of a transformational change in how an average citizen can participate in the crisis response effort,” says CrisisCommons co-founder Noel Dickover.  “Previously you could only send money.  Now, you can directly help in the response. An existing social network of national and international first responders, web 2.0 developers, and NGOs had been established, so the immediate response was just a matter of galvanizing existing relationships.

Each and every day, people across the world can find themselves in crisis. Whether it be for a day, a month or an area of social distress, we all have a common need to connect with loved ones, access information and offer assistance to others.

Qu’est-ce qu’un BarCamp ?

What is BarCamp? — wikipedia francophone

Le BarCamp est une “non-conférence ouverte qui prend la forme d’ateliers-événements participatifs où le contenu est fourni par les participants qui doivent tous, à un titre ou à un autre, apporter quelque chose au Barcamp. C’est le principe “pas de spectateur”, “tous participants”. — wikipedia

Site Links of importance

Sahana Response to Haiti

Sahana is a web based disaster / crisis / emergency management tool that addresses the common coordination problems from finding missing people, managing aid, volunteers, tracking camps and needs effectively between Government groups, NGOs and victims

The Sahana Community is responding to the disaster in Haiti. You can find all our activities on our WIKI at the following location We are happy to work with anyone who needs Sahana for a deployment in Haiti.

Meanwhile look  at : Google’s Person Finder: Haiti Earthquake database – it’s the database of record for relief efforts.

Want to help?

Haiti Earthquake Support Center

Match faces of missing persons.


Washington DC, 16th of January

  • Crisis Camp Haiti in Silicon Valley, 16th of January
  • Crisis Camp Haiti in London is being planned here: Crisis Camp London
  • Crisis Camp Haiti in Denver/Boulder/Colorado, 16th of Jan., needs an organizer:
  • Project Proposals for CrisisCamp Haiti
    1. Base layer map for Port Au Prince: This project would create a new collection of imagery and a new base map for NGOs and relief agencies. Post available imagery to share with the public for open source applications.
    2. Family locator systems: Uniting efforts of interested technologists, developers and communications experts to provide technical assistance.
    3. Tech Volunteer Skill Matrix/Volunteers: Create a role of volunteer as well as
    4. Managing News Aggregator: Provide content channel management to coordinate data feeds
    5. Defining the Collective: Create what we are and why we are doing this. Coordinate and post historical timeline/archive for the CrisisCamp efforts.

    other ways to connect

    CrisisCamp Ning:

    (you have to create an account)